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Integrated Laser Systems, Inc. has been providing state-of-the-art custom laser cutting systems and unparalleled customer support for over 10 years. Whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned veteran of the cutting industry, ILS can help you increase the quality, reliability, and productivity of your operations, no matter the size.


ILS can give your business an innovative edge over your competitors in a variety of ways:

ILS offers a wide range of laser cutting systems, customized to your specific needs.

ILS offers contract laser cutting for any job, great or small.

ILS offers a large and well-stocked selection of piece goods, including heat-sealed and pressure sensitive adhesive twills, felts, and sport suede's.

Whatever your laser cutting needs, ILS can supply your company with the very best in laser technology through our unparalleled technical support and maintenance. Call or email us today to learn how ILS can help your company gain a competitive edge at the lowest cost!


To stand out as a team, you definitely need uniforms. You also need a team emblem, and of course, numbers for each uniform. Since 1998, Integrated Laser Systems (ILS) in Summerville, Georgia, has been producing finished uniforms and team clothing, as well as providing high-quality textiles and laser cutting systems for textiles. After the company spun-off from a leading European textile company, ILS began building its own flatbed textile laser cutting systems, created software to support these systems, and offered a "job shop" for customers who do not have their own systems. Currently, ILS has in-house six flatbed cutting systems that have 25 and 100 Watt lasers. For highly detailed customized cuts, the power levels can easily be adjusted. For example, one of ILSs customers had a project involving an intricate design for a sweatshirt. The traditional method of constructing this design would require layering 40 separate pieces and hand-sewing the dye-cut fabric pieces together. By laser cutting the same design, not only were the cutting edges effectively sealed to prevent fraying, but also the required pieces were reduced to four.

"We revolutionized the textile industry," states Steve Widincamp, president of Integrated Laser Systems. "Laser cutting is far superior to other forms of digital cutting, and provides cleaner finishes, is more accurate, and produces higher-quality clothing."

ILSs laser systems have also allowed the company to be more flexible and serve a variety of markets. While many textile production jobs are going overseas, ILS is able to keep many loyal customers and gradually develop new business relationships. It is currently laser cutting chemical suits for the U.S. military.

All athletes expect their equipment to be of the highest quality. This high standard is achieved and delivered by the manufacturers who use sealed CO2 lasers for custom marking and cutting sports equipment. From the general sports enthusiast to the professional athlete, CO2 laser technology creates a more affordable way for anyone to custom mark their basketball, wear their favorite team uniform, or sail like a champion.

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